Monastero di Porto e Loggetta Lombardesca


Built by the monks from Porto who were compelled by the Venetians to move into town, it was made up of two cloisters with a common joining passage. Now only one remains, the “greater” towards the garden with three floors of rooms and two overlying galleries with arches and pillars on the ground floor and columns on the upper floor all made of Istria stone.  At the back, towards the garden there is the “Loggetta Lombardesca” or “Loggia del Giardino”, that stands out for its elegance and its white marble. The work is by Tullio Lombardo (about 1450-1532) who worked also inside the cloisters.  The “minor” cloister faced the public road. It was built in 1522 and had only two floors of rooms and only one gallery on the ground floor; it was demolished in 1885 to make room for military barracks.

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