Palazzo Baronio-Pallavicini

Built by Ignazio Guiccioli on the design of Domenico Barbiani (1714-1777), where there used to be a Medieval tower which was later rebuilt and included in the Baroque style building. The double height atrium, decorated with pilasters, preserves the original floor. The stairway is the work of Gianfrancesco Buonamici (1692-1759). Inside we can find rooms decorated by Felice Giani (1758-1823), or by his pupils. In 1788 it was bought by Baronio-Palalvicini, then it went to the Rasponi-Bonanzi family and in 1935 to the Casadio family. From 1923 until 2009 it was the seat of the Società del circolo ravennate, later Circolo Cittadino

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